TEnigma3he Bill Tutte Club is a free after-school Maths and Science club, founded in 2013 as an initiative of the Bill Tutte Memorial Fund, Newmarket Academy and Newmarket Town Council.

It is intended as a living legacy for Newmarket, allowing local children to explore Maths and Science in a friendly, informal environment.

Our aims are to:

  • inspire children with the Bill Tutte story, and show how exciting Maths and Science can be!
  • create a community of young people with similar academic interests, encouraging collaboration and innovation
  • promote high achievement at Newmarket Academy, and make this visible to the wider community
  • Jason Fitzpatrick, Director, Centre for Computing History, Cambridge (Courtesy of Newmarket Journal)

    Jason Fitzpatrick, Director,
    Centre for Computing History, Cambridge
    (Courtesy of Newmarket Journal)

    strengthen links between Newmarket schools and local businesses

  • encourage a sense of community pride among the residents of Bill Tutte’s home town.

We are open to all children from Years 5, 6, 7, 8 and 9 in the Newmarket area, and we meet once a month at Newmarket Academy, from 4pm to 6pm. Our members come from a wide range of schools, both local and not so local!

New members are always welcome; parents / carers just need to register them at Reception at the Academy when they drop them off for a meeting.

The Club is led by Mrs Guenigault of Newmarket Academy and Dr. Rachel Wood of the Bill Tutte Memorial Fund.

Can you help?

We want to inspire children to take their interest in Maths and Science further – do you know a local business which would like to send a speaker, or can you think of any exciting future activities?

Please contact us at club@billtuttememorial.org.uk and let us know!


21 Mar Perilous Puzzles: Put your Maths into action to battle your way through to the happy ending…  – Cllr. Michael Jefferys
14 Dec First Bill Tutte Christmas Science Lecture at Palace House (kindly sponsored by the Newmarket Festival)  – Briony Jackson, Science Learning & Participation Officer, National Horseracing Museum
 15 Nov  Physics at high speed: Be wowed by sonic booms and discover just what plasticine can tell us about streamlining…  – Mr. Allen, Newmarket Academy
 18 Oct  I’m a mathematician – get me out of here! Can you come to the rescue of Cllr.? See if you can solve the problems and save the day!– Cllr. Michael Jefferys
27 Sep   Come and pit your mathematical wits against… a challenging session of fast-paced thinking and fun! –  Mrs. Guenigault, Head of Mathematics, Newmarket Academy
12 Jul Maths Aloud: SPECIAL SITE VISIT to St Mary’s Church to reveal the Maths behind Bell Ringing – the perfect mathematical team sport!
21 Jun  Cracking codes – from Caesar to Colossus – Martin Gillow, Developer of the Virtual Colossus (www.virtualcolossus.co.uk)
23 May Special visit by Kjartan Poskitt, author of the ‘Murderous Maths’ books, in celebration of the Bill Tutte Centenary: Kjartan is coming all the way from York to be with us! (N.B. Tuesday, not Wednesday)
14 May @ 12 noon: all members of the Bill Tutte Club are invited to attend a short ceremony to unveil the new Blue Plaque dedicated to Bill Tutte, outside Fitzroy Stables in Black Bear Lane, where Tutte was born in 1917.
26 Apr Unravelling the Earth – while being paid to play! – Tim Owen – Engineer/Scientist/Inventor (and formerly Senior Technical Officer at the Department of Earth Sciences, Cambridge)
8 Mar Mathematical Investigations: Discover and Research New Areas of Mathematics – Cllr. Michael Jefferys
8 Feb Animal Magic: Hands on at the Animal Welfare Centre – Jasmine Houston, Animal Welfare Technician Demonstrator, Animal Welfare Centre, Newmarket Academy
11 Jan All about Tests and Assessment: the Test Designer’s Art – Dr. Colin McCarty, Director, Test and Evaluation
16 Nov SITE VISIT at Palace House (National Heritage Centre for Horseracing and Sporting Art)
19 Oct SITE VISIT at Animal Health Trust
5 Oct Searching for Gold: an Investigation of Different Sums – Cllr. Michael Jefferys
13 July The Wonderful World of Waves: Light, Sound, Mexican & More – Mr. Allen, Newmarket Academy (Please bring a musical instrument if you can!)
8 June Extracting the Winning Code: Get to Grips with DNA and Genetics – Briony Jackson, Science Learning & Participation Officer, the National Horseracing Museum
18 May The Key to Happiness: Unlock the Secret Patterns of Mathematics – Cllr Michael Jefferys
13 Apr Graph Games – Professor Graham Farr, Faculty of IT, Monash University, Melbourne, Australia
16 Mar Maths Challenge Special – Mrs. Guenigault, Newmarket Academy
10 Feb Cellular Automata: The Game of Life – Cllr. Michael Jefferys
13 Jan 100,000 Lollipops: Fun With Number Bases – Mrs. Guenigault, Newmarket Academy
9 Dec SITE VISIT at Newmarket Equine Hospital
11 Nov Rainbow Reactions: The Chemistry of Colour – Miss Bridge, Newmarket Academy
14 Oct Lost Heroes – and More Codes to Test You! – Mrs. Guenigault, Newmarket Academy
16 Sep Could You Win a Bill Tutte Scholarship?
A chance to meet Joshua Evans, the first Bill Tutte Scholar
8 Jul Lean Manufacturing – SITE VISIT at GE Aviation
10 Jun The Three Dimensional World of Maths – Mrs. Guenigault, Newmarket Academy
13 May Tsetse Flies, Cows and Poverty – Professor Mark Carrington, University of Cambridge
11 Mar Thinking Machines: The Young Inventor’s Guide to Building a Drone – Alister Brain, Research Scientist, IBM
11 Feb Be My Mathematical Valentine – Mrs. Guenigault, Newmarket Academy
14 Jan Amazing Computers – Jason Fitzpatrick, Director, Centre for Computing History, Cambridge
3 Dec Christmas Maths: Baubles and Snowflakes – Mrs. Guenigault, Newmarket Academy
5 Nov Loud and Bright: Chemistry for Bonfire Night – Miss Wetherell
1 Oct DNA Sequencing and Us – Dr. Martin Welch, University of Cambridge
10 Sept The Colouring of Maps – Professor Dan Younger
(Patron of the Bill Tutte Memorial Fund), University of Waterloo, Canada
2 Jul Unravelling Complex Codes – Mr. Jefferys
4 Jun Exploring Prime Numbers – Professor David Buckingham CBE FRS
7 May How do Adders multiply? – Colin Barnes, UK Slide Rule Circle
2 Apr (last week before Easter holidays)
Why James Bond needs to know about prime numbers – Professor Sir John Enderby FRS
5 Mar The Angry Birds’ Revenge – Mrs.Canning
Please bring your least favourite teddy – we will be engineering the downfall of a pile of cuddly toys!
5 Feb Cells and Slides: Biology through the Microscope – Miss Hoyle
8 Jan How to make your own Lorenz Machine from paper – Mrs. Andrews, cont.
(This activity will be filmed for Bletchley Park)


4 Dec Working in binary – Mrs. Andrews
How to make your own Lorenz Machine from paper – Mrs. Andrews
6 Nov Complex Coding, with a real Enigma machine!  – Tom Briggs, Bletchley Park Education Officer
Introducing different bases – Mrs. Andrews
9 Oct Squaring the square cont. – Mrs. Andrews
Constructing an electric question and answer board – Mrs. Wilson
11 Sep Introduction to code breaking – Mrs. Andrews
Squaring the square – Mrs. Andrews