Bill Tutte ScholarshipThe Bill Tutte Alborada Trust Scholarship has been set up to encourage young people in Newmarket and the surrounding area to study and excel in Mathematics and Computer Science, with the generous support of the Alborada Trust and other donors.

The Scholarship will consist of a yearly payment of at least £1,000 for a maximum of 3 years of undergraduate study.

Essential – the applicant must:

  • demonstrate outstanding potential and achieve at least grade A at ‘A’-Level Mathematics. In exceptional circumstances a candidate who has achieved grade A at ‘A’-Level in another subject will be considered.
  • live within an 8km / 5 mile radius of the Bill Tutte Memorial on Rutland Hill in Newmarket. In exceptional circumstances candidates who live outside this area but have some connection with Newmarket will be considered.
  • have been offered a place to attend a British university to study Mathematics or Computer Science
  • agree to take part in any associated publicity for the Scholarship and the Bill Tutte Memorial Fund.

Desirable – the applicant should:

  • demonstrate commitment to his / her studies, either by overcoming difficulties in order to succeed, or by developing his / her interest in the subject independently. We will give particular credit to any candidate who has attended / assisted with the Bill Tutte Club at Newmarket Academy, but this is not a condition of application.
  • attend university in the academic year following his / her last year at secondary school; any candidate seeking deferred entry will need to convince the Trustees that his / her academic progress will not be adversely affected.

Please note:

  • The amount awarded will be dependent upon the funds available.
  • If in any year no candidate is considered suitable by the Trustees, then no award will be made.
  • The first payment will be made in October following the winning candidate’s registration at University.
  • In order to qualify for the next year’s payment, the successful candidate must complete a full year’s study and write a short report on his/her year’s work, to be received by the Trustees of the Fund by July 31st.

How to Apply: 

Application Pack:

For Schools / Colleges:

  • Please identify suitable candidates and encourage them to apply, giving them a copy of the information sheet. This and all other forms may be downloaded above.
  • Please suggest a suitable academic (non-family) referee for the candidate.

For Candidates:

  • Download and print an application pack, consisting of 2 forms and the information sheet (see above).
  • Pass ‘Form B’ (Reference) and the Information Sheet to your referee and ask him / her to return ‘Form B’ to you in time for you to enclose it with your application, which needs to reach the Trustees by 31st August.
  • Return your completed ‘Form A’ (Application, including Supporting Statements) with the completed ‘Form B’ (Reference) to the address on ‘Form A’ by 31st August.
  • A panel appointed by the Trustees will interview short-listed candidates and announce the winning candidate in early September.
  • The successful candidate’s University / College must confirm that the candidate has started their course by October 31st, and then the first payment of £1,000 will be transferred. 

Please note:

  • Any necessary communication with candidates will (as far as possible) be by e-mail; please ensure that you advise the Trustees of any changes to your e-mail address.

Key Dates:

31st August Applications and references in
Early September Interview candidates; announcement of winning candidate
By 31 October Successful candidate’s College / University to confirm that place has been
taken up; Fund releases money.

Scholarship Winner 2015 – Josh Evans

Photos courtesy of the Newmarket Journal

Scholarship Winners 2017 – Emma Rooney and Tia Lowman, will both receive £1,000 a year for their three years at university where they will both be studying maths and computer science.

If you have any queries about the Scholarship, please do not hesitate to contact the Trustees at